Skin HQ is a Southport Skin Cancer Clinic

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Doctor at Skin HQ using dermascope during a skin examination to check for signs of possible skin cancer

Skin Doctor at Skin HQ using a dermascope during a skin examination to check for signs of possible skin cancer.
Skin HQ Southport performs skin cancer checks as well as IPL, PDT and laser treatments.
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Skin HQ skin clinic is located in Southport on the Gold Coast, Qld and is a dedicated skin treatment department within the Health HQ medical centre.
Skin HQ strives to provide excellence in skin cancer care and management as well as providing medically supervised cosmetic skin treatments including laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle injections, as well as the innovative IPL and PDT skin treatments.

Skin HQ Southport is primarily a skin cancer and skin mole management clinic that provides expert diagnosis, management and treatment of the many different types of skin cancers.

Skin HQ also offers expert advice on many common and rarer dermatological conditions and their treatments.

Our long serving Skin HQ doctors and nurses have accumulated vast experience and they continuously display their high levels of professional expertise as well as undergoing regular specialised training in skin disease and skin conditions including skin cancer.

Skin cancer is a particular threat to most of the people who reside on the Gold Coast because of the high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation that the sun emits in our location on the globe.

Skin HQ uses skin scanning and video equipment (dermoscopic and Molemax™ computer imaging) that is the best equipment of it's type and enables our doctors to exhibit their skills using current best practices and evidence based medicine.

The Skin HQ skin clinic is headed by Dr Neil Chorley, a skin cancer physician who is a fellow and immediate past president and board member of the Australasian College of Skin Cancer Medicine.

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IPL is the latest, safest and best skin treatment to eliminate minor skin pigmentations and unsightly veins

IPL is intense pulsed light and is the latest, safest and best treatment to eliminate minor skin pigmentations and unsightly veins.

Skin HQ uses IPL treatment to improve the appearance of many skin conditions including the following:
(links below lead to related skin treatment information on this website)

More information about IPL at Skin HQ.

Anti-wrinkle and lip filler injections

Skin HQ medical practitioner administering an anti-wrinkle injection

Skin HQ medical practitioner artfully administering an anti-wrinkle injection to wind back the clock a few years.

Skin HQ doctors regularly perform anti-wrinkle injections in a safe and sterile environment.

Injectables for treatment of frown lines between the eyes, called glabellar lines, has now been regulated by the US FDA since April 12, 2002 and is considered a safe anti-ageing treatment by reducing the depth of age lines on the face (otherwise known as wrinkles).

Skin HQ does not recommend anti ageing injections for young people except for authorised medical reasons such as to treat hyperhydrosis, cerebral palsy, migraine and also for treating strabismus and blepharospasm where it has been used in the US for over 35 years.

More information about anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler injections.

Glabellar lines on patient's forehead


PDT treatment showing patient under red activating light

PDT treatment taking place inside the Skin HQ Southport skin clinic located in Nerang St. on the Gold Coast.
Patient is shown under red light which activates the photosensitive chemical.

Skin HQ is enjoying a fast growing reputation as a premium provider of photodynamic therapy services or PDT on the Gold Coast.

Our skin clinic team of doctors and registered nurses have now accumulated many years of experience with PDT and in particular using the AllMedic™ system.

Our practitioners are very confident about achieving excellent outcomes using PDT for skin conditions such as:

  • Solar keratoses
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Early onset skin ageing
  • Basal cell carcinomas (superficial BCCs)

See more information regarding using PDT for treating pigmented, sun damaged and ageing skin.

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