Laser Tattoo Removal is no longer offered by Skin HQ

Laser is effective at removing tattoo ink. A tattoo is an indelible mark on the skin where large particles of ink or dye are injected under the skin with a needle or tattoo gun. The depth of tattoo pigment varies, but it typically lies between 0.5mm and 2.5mm into the dermis (skin).

Our Lynton Lumina Active Q-switched Laser is regarded as the best medical grade equipment of its kind and is the gold standard in tattoo removal machines.

The quality of this machine and the training of our Registered Nurses (RNs) in its use ensures your safety and the efficiency of the tattoo removal treatment.

Our Lynton lumina laser machine is used for laser tattoo removal of multi-coloured professional or amateur tattoos.
However, our laser does not effectively remove green, yellow or orange tattoo ink colours. We can refer you to another Gold Coast tattoo removal clinic which has a Ruby laser that will be able to remove these colours.

How laser tattoo removal works

The laser light causes the tattoo's ink particles to heat up rapidly, which in turn causes the ink structure to expand and fragment the encapsulated pigment. The now-smaller ink particles are gradually removed by the body. The skin rapidly heals and the process can be repeated to remove the deeper lying tattoo pigment.

In time, the tattoo will fade away.

Laser tattoo removal usually requires 8 to 12 treatments at least 8 weeks apart to allow time for the skin to recover and for the body to effectively remove the tattoo ink particles.

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